Story of MySushi

From great love for food, came a wonderful success story!


The beginning of MySushi

5 May 2012 – when it all started! Three friends decided to start serving sushi to pass on their love of sushi. The home restaurant, didn’t even have a separate space – sushi was made in the same apartment and you could only order takeaway. People just ate on the playgrounds and benches in front of the apartment building.

However, it soon became clear that the restaurant could not be continued in an apartment and dedicated premises would have to be found to continue the co-ordering service.


Hooray, first restaurant!

The first tiny MySushi restaurant was opened on in Tallinn.


Two new restaurants added

As MySushi grew in popularity and new spots where opened.




Many smaller and one big restaurant opened in different spots in Tallinn, Estonia.


New appearance

The concept was given a completely new look. It was very well received, attracted more people and shopping centres started to show interest in MySushi.


Sky is the limit

This year, a major growth started and 9 new locations were launched.


MySushi stands out

The Apollo Group became interested in MySushi and exciting negotiations began!

Apollo Group acquired 51% of MySushi. With the support of the Apollo Group, they expanded their reach and moved out of Tallinn. The first MySushi restaurants were opened outside the capital of Estonia.

Another big step was also taken and the first restaurant was opened in Riga.


Welcome Apollo

The Apollo Group acquired a 100% stake and became the sole owner of the brand.

The MySushi family currently includes 25 restaurants in Estonia and two in Latvia. The total number of employees is around 235.


There is what to expect

There are 2-3 new MySushis coming to Riga!